Discreet Representation for Professionals Accused of Crime

Over the last decade, The Law Offices of Todd L. Bequette has been one of premier criminal defense firms in California. Representing the accused in both state and federal court, Mr. Bequette has won victories is several high profile cases, garnering acclaim as one of the most effective trial attorneys in the state. The firm handles criminal cases of all types, ranging from simple misdemeanors to murder to multi-million dollar money laundering.

On the rare occasions when family members of public officials need a criminal defense attorney, they often choose Todd Bequette. He has defended relatives of both District Attorneys and Federal Prosecutors.

Based on a survey conducted in 2010, Todd Bequette has more trial victories in the last 10 years than any other criminal defense attorney in the state. He has won acquittals for clients in nearly every county in the San Francisco Bay Area, including cases charging murder, attempted murder, sex offenses and domestic violence.

Recently, the firm has developed a niche through his successes defending corporations and individuals charged with environmental crimes. The firm has prevailed in prosecutions brought by the State of California Environmental Protection in Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties.

The philosophy of the firm is a thorough and aggressive defense that brings the highest expertise to bear in a given field. Handling every trial personally, Mr. Bequette utilizes a team of forensic experts, consultants and investigators to provide the necessary firepower to prevail against the weight of a criminal prosecution.